Thursday, July 19, 2007

TIme to go Home

I am in Toronto, my last stop before heading back out west after four and a half months on the road. I was just informed that the data on my hard drive is irretrievable. I have lost almost all the photos I have taken since I have been travelling, all my contacts, calendar, you name it. I feel so sad and so defeated as this follows losing my guitar and some other personal items. All I want now is to get back to Vancouver, the closest thing I have to a home. My calculations tell me it will take about 12 days to get there, driving through Chicago, Minnesota, South Dakota and Montana. Brenndan arrives back from Japan on August first and at that point we will start looking for a place to live. I make my living selling stuff on eBay so for the time being I am out of a job as well. I am so lucky that my mother is able to lend me money so that I can get home without too much trouble. I filtered 25 gallons of grease today and will continue to collect more as I travel. Look out for me on the road friends, if you see my yellow westy with the grease on the roof give me a wave and say hi. I'm a sad and lonely traveler and I need all the help I can get. I'll try to post from libraries along the way. Much love, C.