Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Los Angeles

I love this town. I know you don’t believe me, but I really do.

I stopped in when I got here to visit Kyle McCulloch who is still recovering from back surgery. We sat on the porch and were treated to a visit from the flock of parrots which migrate daily between Eagle rock, Echo park and Highland park. When I stayed at Kyle and Mary’s house for a month last winter I would hear the parrots every morning at about nine o’clock. It was the perfect thing to wake up to.
Kyle and I walked down Figueroa and got great fish tacos (2 for $2.99 Wednesday special) and I got a side of beans and rice as well as a medium jamaica agua fresca, which was sour and dark and not too sweet. The fish tacos were so good and crispy that it inspired me to ask about their grease and a guy took me out back to show me the container which happened to be empty, but he told me they would be changing the oil the next night and to come back at 9 pm.

After my visit with Kyle I had a quick nightcap with Darin Klein and then parked by his house near Hillhurst and Prospect. I woke up the next morning to the sound of a jackhammer and thought “Please tell me they only need to do that for a minute” and they did! It was over right away!

In the evening I had dinner with Brenndan’s sister, Molly McGuire. She made fried veggie potstickers with green beans and peas and soba noodles and it was the best meal I have eaten since I was in Vancouver!

Afterwards we went to see the show that Darin Klein organized at the Billy Wilder Theatre at the Hammer Museum. I knew enough to expect to be amazed by what I was to see but I was truly dazzled by the whole show and the venue and the huge crowd of people lined up. I especially loved the performance by the New Energy encounter group. I’ll be reprinting the script in the California issue of my zine. Wow, it was amazing and hilarious.

Next it was time for a drink so Molly and I skipped the scene at the Eagle. You can only see a dude getting his ass whipped or dancing onstage in his tightie-whities so many times before it gets old. We proceeded to my new favorite bar called the Three Clubswhich was virtually empty, had a good jukebox and the bartender bought us a round! Wow! LOVE this town!

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