Saturday, June 23, 2007

Murray St.

I woke up this morning in my usual spot on Murray St. in John's parking lot when Carrie called to tell me that she and the family were headed to the country and they would leave the key under the mat for me so I could stay at their place. I was really looking forward to having a bath and doing some laundry, especially using the clothesline to dry my stuff. So, after breakfast I decided to go up to Fedex to see if I could get the new card that had arrived from my bank which replaced the one that was stolen when my car was broken into 10 days ago. Since I was going to Carrie's for the weekend I decided to take my guitar along with everything else so I put everything in the van before walking up the hill to Place Ville Marie and Fedex.

It was one in the afternoon, since Fedex was closed I was back a half hour later and jumped in the driver's seat ready to head over to Point St. Charles. When I was about to back out of my spot I looked at the window of the sliding door and saw pieces of broken glass on the window "How could there still be broken glass around and how did it get over there?" I thought as it slowly dawned on me that the big, sliding window was GONE. I jumped out and ran around to the door side and sure enough! My window had been smashed and my guitar was gone! I assumed my camera and computer were gone as well as I ran up to get Dave to come and help me. Help me what? All he could do was wait patiently as I cursed and swore at the top of my lungs, alerting everyone in the neighborhood that I had been robbed. When I got back to the van I saw that my computer was still where I had left it but the thief had taken my camera, my guitar and the basket that lives between the seats full of gum and advil and so many various odds and ends.

I screamed and screamed until I could scream no more and then called BT Auto to see if they were open on Saturday and had another window for me. They told me to come on down, which was lucky because Monday is a holiday here and otherwise I wouldn't have a window until Tuesday. Dave came with me to the south shore and they fixed me up for $130. I'm putting up reward posters and tomorrow I'll start checking the pawn shops. It's not the first time I've been through this and I know it's not the end of the world but I am so sad right now and feeling so defeated, for the first time since I left Portland I feel strongly that I'm ready to go home. If only I knew where that is.

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