Thursday, June 28, 2007

It's growing!

I think I was in Tennesee when I stepped on my computer. (I only know this because I saw the footprint on the back!) Anyway, over time this is what has become of my cracked screen. Kind of cool looking but really annoying too. If anyone can help me find a 14 inch iBook I can get for parts, that would be great!

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Sunday, April 22, 2007


I met so many bikers as I travelled through Tennesee, always friendly and they always know the most scenic route.

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Saturday, April 21, 2007


I woke up in the Cherokee National forest in Tennesee and after a stop at the Sequoia museum where I learned that Sequoia was an ignorant, illiterate redskin until he invented a written alphabet to record the Cherokee language, (no really, they called him illiterate, which is funny since before him, no written form of any indigenous American language existed.) I headed straight to Dollywood. If I had known that Dollywood is just an overpriced theme park I would have skipped it. The town nearby which is really just a strip of tourist shops and restaurants was so overwhelming that I forget to take a picture. When I found out that parking alone for Dollywood was $7, I told them that I was actually just there to pick up their grease and someone in the kitchen had told me that I could just park near the gate. That worked and when I found out the entry cost $47 I decided to just go to the gift shop and buy a keychain, which I actually needed. The gift shop was full of useless crap that wasn't even necessarily Dolly themed. There were plenty of keychains but I couldn't bring myself to buy a cheap, plastic, made in China souvenir even if it was a guitar that said Dollywood. There was even a vast array of Dollywood foods, like salad dressing made in New Jersey and jam made in Ohio. It couldn't have been sadder.

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