Thursday, June 28, 2007

Back in Brooklyn

I am back in Brooklyn again, trying to withstand the extremely warm weather and still thinking a lot about the two break-ins that my van suffered in Montréal. It's very easy after something like that to replay the circumstances on endless repeat, wondering what you should have done differently, but is that helpful? I spend a lot of time thinking about the circumstances of the thief or thieves. Were they young kids? Were they clients of the soup kitchen on the next block? Are they the homeless people camping in the neighborhood? Were they jerks or are they nice folks in a desperate situation? The fact remains that I was careless, I should never have left any valuables in my van, period. The fact also remains that try as I may to understand, I simply never will and I will never see my beloved guitar again. In addition, there is the fact that I am a mostly white, middle class anglo and no matter what I know that I am in a very priveleged group by comparison to most people in the area where I was parked, I was also an easy target with foreign plates and all around windows on the van. I know that writing about this won't bring my guitar back and that's not the point, I guess I just need to process this because like it or not I am grieving this loss. Of course I compare it to all kinds of other losses and I know that compared to some, it's just not that big of a deal but when you live in a van you are in a position of vulnerability and when someone exploits that vulnerability it is really painful.

Last time I was in Brooklyn I stayed in a hotel in Manhattan but left my van parked here on a pretty deserted block and when I came to move it 24 hours later I found that I had left the window open. Nothing had happened to it. Interesting as well, was that when I left Brooklyn I realized that I had a little something on me that I would never risk trying to take across the border so I took some green duct tape and I taped a little package to the underside of a part of a building thinking that "If it's there when I come back, great, if not, oh well.." Here's what I found when I arrived back in Brooklyn yesterday:

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