Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Normally I try to just get through Seattle and it's all day rush hour traffic as quickly and cleanly as possible but today I made a rare exception and stopped to get some food with my old friend, Bob. The sun even came out when I pulled up to his cute little house in West Seattle and broke my antenna on the hedge next to the driveway. After some vegetarian Pho Bob, Val and I went to pick up the antique sink Bob had stolen in Belfast, where it once held dirt and flowers in someone's yard. The wooden crate that Bob packed it in was opened back at home to reveal the karmic consequences.

Before I headed out for Portland Bob and Val sent me in the direction of some biodiesel from Safeway. Nice to know It's there but I filled up before noticing that it costs $3.43 a gallon. I don't know but I'm pretty sure it's cheaper in Portland. I guess I'll know soon.

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