Thursday, November 8, 2007

San Francisco

After we had coffee Blendy and I went to the Mission pool to swim and take showers and then went to Creativity Explored, the best art gallery in the world. Blendy found a beautiful fabric wall hanging and I bought a piece by John Patrick McKenzie to hang in the van. After that we went to Burma Superstar for samosa soup and shrimp kebat on our way over to Baker beach for a little siesta in the van with a view of the Golden Gate bridge.

That night we drove back up to Sonoma and spent the night in our little cabin in the barrio and got to go to the Sonoma Charter School Halloween carnival and haunted house.

Keda as Super Fly

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I took 128 from my camping place and was headed to Sonoma when Blendy Maguro called me with the news that his trip to Brazil had been cancelled and he was arriving in San Francisco THAT NIGHT. I pulled over immediately at the Scharffenberger winery and picked up a bottle of bubbly to celebrate.

After a stop at the world's largest Sally Ann in Healdsburg I stopped in at Dmitra and Pascal's in Sonoma and then headed to SFO to get Blendy. We went for tacos and tequila in the mission and then headed to my usual parking place on Bernal hill. In the morning we had coffee and hot chocolate at Mission Creek on Valencia and went to Rainbow Grocery to get something for dinner with Wig and Ad.

In 36 hours I went from my favorite beach down my favorite highway to my favorite thrift store and visited my favorite people on my way to have dinner with my other favorite people. Wow. And the next morning I wake up with my favorite bear and take a walk on the top of Bernal hill. Wow.

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Sunday, March 4, 2007

San Francisco

Woke up this morning in my usual spot on top of Bernal hill. It looks like there is construction going on up here during the week so I don't think I'll be parking up here tonight.

I came over Siskyou pass yesterday with clear blue skies, running the van on vegetable oil, cruising up the hills most and down all of the hills in fourth gear. I arrived in Berkeley just in time to see Bermuda Triangle service perform at the Starry Plough, Carolyn Mark and Amy Honey played afterwards.

I found someone getting rid of grease on Craigslist and picked it up in Daly City. Afterwards Bill Daniel helped me start filtering it by straining it through a seive. It's hard for me to tell if this is going to be good grease or not. It looks pretty sludgy but the grease that Thaddeus showed me at his place looked pretty nasty too, before it was filtered.

I stocked up on much needed organizational supplies in Japantown at Ichiban Kan, the Japanese Dollar store. What a great selection of stuff that you need for living in a small space. Where would I be without the Japanese? I stopped in at Benihana to ask for their grease and they showed me a nice, full container in the kitchen and said to just ask for the manager when I come get it.

Who knew it could be so easy?

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