Sunday, March 25, 2007


I picked up Brenndan at the airport at 8 pm and we had tacos and horchata at Pico de Gallo and went to look for a parking place. We stayed near 9th and 22nd and had a peaceful night.

The next day I had many errands to complete after spending 5 days on the Navajo Reservation. Not least of which was finding some grease. Brenndan and I took turns asking at different restaurants and got turned down by several. In the afternoon we went to Oro valley to use the public pool ($2 but the showers suck) and go for a walk in the Santa Catalina Mountains. Afterwards we drove towards Oracle and found a perfect parking place on state trust land. A dirt road, no one to bother us, listening to the coyotes whooping it up, then the growl of a nearby mountain lion and then silence. Spooky.

The next day we cruised the back alleys of a few restaurants and found one barrel of clean grease. The restaurant it belonged to wasn’t open but we took 20 gallons anyway, given that no one in this town seems to be recycling for fuel it didn’t seem like anyone would miss it.

There was a stop on the way out of town to visit the Pima Air and Space Museum and take some pics of the aircraft graveyard. Whoa. I never thought about it before, what do they DO with all those decommissioned aircraft?

That night we drove to Bisbee and found a spot out on High Lonesome road. The next day we had showers ($3 ea) at the Shady Dell and some breakfast at Dot's Diner. Charlie offered us his grease and said to come back and pick it up the next day. I love Dot's and the Bisbeeberry pie was DEEElicious!

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