Monday, October 22, 2007


It feels weird to be here without making a trip out to the Lost Coast. For those that don't know the Lost Coast is about the most remote place in California, it's 2 hours on a two lane road to get out there and once there, there's nothing but coast and mountains. There used to be a bar called the Hideaway that had karaoke on Fridays but they closed a few years ago. Originally Highway One was supposed to go there and meet up with 101 near Eureka but the King's range proved too difficult to build the road through, so that stretch of coast remained desolate and "lost". Some time I'll tell you about the first time I went out there and got stalked by a weird Christian dude from Oregon. Today I guess I'll just go thrifting in Fortuna instead.

I'm planning to stay at one of my secret beaches on the Mendocino coast tonight down by Westport where I have stayed and camped illegally many times over the years. It sure beats paying $25 to stay at McKerricher beach state park. I love to visit the California sea lions and collect bits of abalone shell there but $25 is way outside my budget so I've only camped there once. Here's a picture from my drive down 299. It was gorgeous and winding and I got tailgaited by a dude flying a confederate flag from his truck. Hmm..I guess I could have pulled over and let him get by but...I didn't.

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