Friday, July 27, 2007

South Dakota

I've been listening to reservation radio for two days so I have "Eye of the tiger" stuck in my head.

I just left the Rosebud Sioux reservation on my way to Pine Ridge and Wounded knee. I stayed last night at Ghost Hawk park in Rosebud, next to a small creek. This morning I was able to use their showers and then head up the hill to the main road where I found that the gate to the park was chained shut and locked. Apparently someone had come by during the night and locked me in without bothering to take a look around the park.

I tried to flag down a passing car but the only person who would stop was an ambulance driver who thankfully, was able to radio someone to get the "ranger" to come out and open the gate. When the "ranger" arrived, he sheepishly mumbled "Sorry, I'm late, truck broke down" which I think is code for "I overslept". Anyway, I was freed and set out to the St. Francis Lakota museum.

On my way to Rosebud yesterday, I stopped in Mission when I saw the laundromat because I really needed to wash all my greasy towels which were in a plastic bag on the floor of the front seat. When I took the bag out of the car it was HOT. Like, REALLY hot. Like BURNING hot. The temperature in the day was about 90 so with the pile of greasy towels sitting in the hottest part of the van they had actually ignited and were actually burning! No flames but blackened, smoky towels. I doused them with all the water I had and put them in a dumpster. They were soaked so I really don't think they continued burning after I got rid of them.

I'm writing from the Martin, SD library, home of the world's loudest librarians. Absolutely unbelievable.

I spent Wednesday night in Sioux falls which has some good thrift stores with real thrift store prices. At night, downtown I saw a tiny bunny running around in the street. From Sioux falls I drove south to highway 18 and headed west. I needed to pick up some grease so I stopped in Menno and went to the cafe. I picked up 10 gallons and treated myself to a piece of chocolate jello pudding pie served on a melmac saucer. I wanted to take a picture of the "salad bar" for you because it was actually a collection of margarine containers full of potatoes and mayonaise, pasta and mayonaise, peas and mayonaise and pickled carrots. Anyway, after I had gotten my grease and I returned, dripping with sweat, to have a piece of pie, all the mayonaise and carrots had been put away.

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