Saturday, April 14, 2007

Port Arthur

I made it to Janis Joplin's hometown just before it got dark. Have you ever read a JJ biography? Well, growing up in Port Arthur is the main reason the woman was such a freak. It seems like it hasn't changed much. It is a scary, segregated town surrounded by oil refineries and industrial complexes that contribute to the health problems of the local population. The downtown is a ghost town, there are still some businesses there but nothing was open at night, not even the bars. I wanted to park downtown because it was so quiet but for safety's sake I moved over to a residential neighborhood and stayed by an empty lot. After a trip to Beaumont to check out the thrift stores (don't go!) I was a little fed up with Texas and for some reason I felt like when I crossed the border into Louisiana everything would be better. Turned out I was right!

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