Thursday, March 29, 2007


We stopped at the Prada store and the Hiway Café (closed) outside of Marfa. No really, there's a Prada store but the door doesn't open and you can't buy anything. From Marfa we took Pinto Canyon road to Chinati Hot Springs. It was an arduous drive on a rocky, unpaved road but we made it and the herd of Javelinas made it totally worth it. Not to mention the incredible feeling of sitting in a hot pool of water on the Mexico/Texas border listening to the wind in the in the canyon. There is real magic in those mountains and it will change you.

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Monday, March 12, 2007


I fueled up with a few gallons of diesel in Lompoc and then headed down highway one towards Ventura. Coming down the hill a few miles from town the van stopped moving and then stalled. I was able to start again and get over to the shoulder but not able to get moving. It was stressful, stuck on the highway, I climbed down to the beach and called AAA, I knew there was a chance that I was out of fuel but as great as AAA is, they don’t carry diesel so I had to get a tow into town. Luckily, Steve put me in touch with Lynne in Ventura and she called around to see where I could take it. We found Molnar brothers, European motor specialists and Paul took a look at things for me. He wasn’t too familiar with the conversion system but he took a look at my diesel fuel line and found fuel in it, which would indicate that I didn’t run out of diesel. Basically we flushed the system with diesel until it started running again. It was a little mysterious but I was thankful that it wasn’t more serious.

Last time i was in Ventura a year ago I ran out of money and almost ran out of gas but I knew where the hot springs were in Ojai so I parked up there for a couple of nights while I waited for some money to go from my paypal account to my bank account. I read the copy of the Painted Bird that I found by the LA river and soaked in the hot spring. Turned out to be a good thing in the end.

After I left Molnar Bros. I went to Lynne’s place, aka the Art Barn, to use her shower and meet Steve for dinner. We stopped in for a beer first at the local brew pub and I inquired after their grease. The manager directed me to the dumpster in the back. Steve and I had dinner at a Japanese restaurant and the owner said “No.” to my request for his used oil. Seems that they may have had a problem in the past with people leaving a mess.

In the morning I went back for 15 gallons of grease from the Brew pub while wearing my favorite new green sweater from Savers in Salinas.

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Sunday, March 4, 2007


After leaving Jeremy's Memorial service I took the 7 pm ferry and drove to Vancouver to pick up Brenndan and then drive to Portland. We arrived at 4 am and the next day we continued on to Ashland. We left late and then hit blizzard conditions (they SAY blizzard, but we are Canadian, we know better) at Sexton Pass.

By the time we got to the Wellsprings there was about 3 inches of snow. We sat outside in the hot pool with all the other hippie monkeys and tried to catch snowflakes before they melted from the steam. In the morning we woke up to about 6 inches of fresh snow, impossible to drive in and we were supposed to meet Thaddeus in Trail to get the new Van. I-5 was closed at Siskiyou pass and Thaddeus got stuck in Weed coming back from Napa. Brenndan and I killed some time drinking hot chocolate and playing in the snow and by 10 the roads were clear enough to get to Trail. Thad's mom gave us the keys and we set off with both vans back north. We planned to drive straight to Seattle and sleep there but I needed to crash by the time we got to Portland so we slept a few hours and got up at 4 am and drove the rest of the way to Vancouver so that Brenndan could pick his son, Sam up from school at noon. Luckily we had no problems at the border and pulled up to the school at 11:55. Phew, what a trip.

I bribed Brenndan and Sam into helping me take down my show by promising them ice cream at La Casa Gelatto, 218 flavors. 218 Flavors!!! Sam had Death by Mango, Brenndan had mango tamarind sorbetto and I had Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice cream. Not my favorite but after tasting 25 other flavors I made a snap deciscion.

Brenndan decided to come BACK to portland with me to help me pack and move my stuff into storage. What a sweetheart!! So the next day we picked up some bagels from the Mount Royal bagel factory in North Van and then hit the road again! This time Brenndan drove the entire way and I even got to sleep in the back for a while. Wow. I thought it was luxury to be able to brush my teeth while someone else drives but wow. Out like a light.

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