Thursday, November 8, 2007


I took 128 from my camping place and was headed to Sonoma when Blendy Maguro called me with the news that his trip to Brazil had been cancelled and he was arriving in San Francisco THAT NIGHT. I pulled over immediately at the Scharffenberger winery and picked up a bottle of bubbly to celebrate.

After a stop at the world's largest Sally Ann in Healdsburg I stopped in at Dmitra and Pascal's in Sonoma and then headed to SFO to get Blendy. We went for tacos and tequila in the mission and then headed to my usual parking place on Bernal hill. In the morning we had coffee and hot chocolate at Mission Creek on Valencia and went to Rainbow Grocery to get something for dinner with Wig and Ad.

In 36 hours I went from my favorite beach down my favorite highway to my favorite thrift store and visited my favorite people on my way to have dinner with my other favorite people. Wow. And the next morning I wake up with my favorite bear and take a walk on the top of Bernal hill. Wow.

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