Friday, June 8, 2007

New York

Last night my flight arrived in Montréal from Vancouver at one-thirty AM and I took a taxi to my van, which was parked at Marc Amsden's garage, Marc woke me up in the morning and went over the work he had done on my vegetable oil system and then I left for New York. A few miles after the border a Hare Krishna dude approached me at a rest stop saying he had seen me at the border and wanted to offer me some literature "about farming". Wish I had a picture for you. I made it to the Tri-boro bridge in record time and only sat in traffic for an hour getting to Brooklyn. I went straight to Rufus and Lauren's place and we went to Alethia's opening two doors down, ran into Selma and SF pals Lara Allen and Christine Shields on the way. I passed out in the van in my clothes with the door open and woke up at 8 am. I heart NY.

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