Tuesday, August 4, 2009


This morning I rented a bike and rode about 10km along the Sai River to the sea of Japan. As expected the seaside was nothing to write home about (the usual, garbage everywhere and a family with loud watersport toys barbqueing and smoking cigarettes) but the bike ride was great! I passed industrial areas, rice fields, wetlands and an old fishing village which I guess is technically part of Kanazawa but feels a million miles and a thousand years away.

The Saigawa

The sea of Japan

My feet in the sea of Japan.

My lunch (¥473) eaten by a big Shinto shrine..
(that big roll is wrapped in some kind of bread instead of nori!)

And followed by..

Watermelon flavor with chocolate "seeds"!

After that big ride I went back to Kanazawa and the 21st century museum of contemporary art. Saw this...

And this..

It's a labrynth made from salt.
Sorry I forgot the artists names. I'll look them up later.
Earlier I went to a gallery and saw a great photo exhibit by Kayo Ume.

By the time I was done at the museum I was pooped and starving so I had this..

(¥500) tempura and rice, cold soba and pickles. And then I went to a sento that was so hot I only stayed half an hour. Now I am in the lobby of my hotel, sunburned and drinking an Asahi. Did I mention it was super hot out? Good thing I live in the desert or I might actually notice!


Blogger Craig said...

Datemaki, made of egg and fish........great! Usually see it at New Year, part of Oseji.......New Year food

August 4, 2009 6:31 AM  

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