Monday, August 3, 2009


Okay so, everything got done, some people actually came to the opening and I gave a slide presentation about my time living in my van. Everyone was so sweet and seemed genuinely interested in my work. We ate snacks and afterwards Aya took me out for some famous Shiogama tuna and sake! But no pics yet as they are on my other camera. Here's almost everything else I ate in Shiogama instead.

Salmon and rice and miso soup and ume for breakfast. Heaven!

Rice with adzuki beans, pickles, salad and mochi bean thing for dinner.

Miso, rice, tuna, salad, pickles, ume and fruit for breakfast.

I also got to eat one of those pregnant fish, head, tail and everything. I was scared to eat the head first because I thought it would be gross but actually it's the best part!

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