Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Here's my trip to Hiroshima in a nutshell:

My room. Cute, but the chick in the bed next to me snores.

Tempura udon from this weird serve yourself kind of udon cafeteria. Order your noodles, choose your toppings, pay and then pump soup broth from a dispenser. It was surprisingly good! (¥445)

Went to the peace museum on August 5th. Heart wrenching displays like this, Hiroshima before the bomb.

And Hiroshima after.
It's really too much to try and take in. I didn't look at everything but I tried. Afterwards I took a 40 minute tram ride to the inland sea and then a ferry to Miyajima to see this very famous site:

The island is full of deer. You can smell them as soon as you get off the ferry. They are very comfortable (a little TOO comfortable) with humans, I saw one eating a map while a flash was going off in it's face.

This morning I got to peace park right before 8:15 in time to hear the bells being rung to commemorate the exact time the bomb was dropped. Thousands of people from all over the world bowed their heads and prayed silently. Later I saw each and every one of them at the mall.

I have to say, there is something about being here that makes it much easier to imagine what nuclear devastation really is. You feel chills thinking that in the time it took for those bells to ring this city and 100,000 people vanished. You start imagining every person in the park incinerated in a flash. I mean, I knew coming here would be heavy but it just really hits home. I don't know how to explain it, it's hard to believe there are trees growing again and kids playing at the site of so much destruction. I watched the beginning of the lanterns being floated down the river:

And then had dinner, check out what I got from the super market for ¥300!

Soba, yam tempura and tekka maki.

Then I went back to peace park and saw the real lantern floating thing and it was amazing!

Now im in bed with my brand new earplugs. Leaving for Kyoto in the morning.


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