Monday, August 3, 2009


You may have noticed that I have been eating a lot of packaged foods and there's a couple of reasons for this. Number one is that I am on a strict budget. My original food budget of ¥2500 per day got whittled down to ¥1500 after I exchanged my $ and didn't get as much ¥ as I expected. Also, it can be so much easier to walk into a grocery store and buy what you want than to try and figure out a Japanese menu. So far my ¥1500 budget is working. For example today:
Rice to go with pickles and miso I bought yesterday ¥158
Udon soup in a restaurant ¥530
Sushi bento from department store food court ¥525
mochi snack ¥84
That's ¥1397.
Don't worry, I'm still going to splurge on a ¥10000 kaiseki meal in Kyoto but I'm counting every yen until then!

Food court O-nigiri! What a selection!

Food court sashimi. So cheap!

My dinner/ part of tomorrow's breakfast on ¥525! Check out those rolls wrapped with greens instead of nori!

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