Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Gaijin in the Sento

I'm feeling a little proud and emboldened that I took the plunge (ha!) and visited a public bath house. I thought for sure those naked ladies would think I was a hopeless idiot when I made some mistake in bath etiquette but I think all I did wrong was stand there dripping while I opened my locker after my bath. One of the ladies handed me my towel. Turns out you are supposed to bring a small one in the bathroom for washing, putting on top of your head in the bath, sitting on the little stool and wiping some water off before you go to the locker room. Anyway, the bath was great. Four different pools. I'm not sure if I liked the naturalish one with the stones and fountain the best or the one with sandalwood smelling bath salts. Ten minutes in the massage chair and I'm ready for 6 more hours of aimless walking. I wanted to get in on a little gossip session with the girls but Im pretty sure they were actually gossiping about me!

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