Saturday, September 22, 2007

Replacing my Stuff's been a few months since my hard drive crashed and my computer screen got wrecked and all along I've been debating what to do about that and replacing my iPod that was stolen. I could have bought a second hand computer or even a brand new one, or Brenndan was going to buy a new one and give me his old one. My friend at Apple offered to let me use her discount to replace the computer or the iPod. In the end, I have decided to replace my crashed hard drive with a new one and I've found a used iBook with a busted logic board to so I can recycle the display. All told this should cost me about $400. I'm saving money not buying a new computer but more importantly I'm not buying any new stuff, except for the HD. I'm not ready to replace the iPod yet (I don't even have a computer!) but when and if I do, it will be with a used one. It took me this long to even decide what to do but now that I have I'm glad I'm doing this, not least because I don't even LIKE the new iBooks but because I'm also breaking the habit of buying new stuff. It seems like there has got to be an alternative to doing that.

I wish I could stay!

I've had NO trouble picking up grease since I've been back but as for finding a place to live...NOTHING. Brenndan and I looked all up and down the island but no luck. All the cabins are tiny and the houses we can afford are in town and too expensive. Turns out my hometown is now home to the most expensive real estate in Canada and the lowest vacancy rate. It doesn't bode well for people like me. Since I'm mobile and Brenndan is back out on the road I've decided to spend the winter months in California. I'm all set up for November and December and now looking for something around Joshua Tree for January, where I hope to stay and work on my show for Japan in April.

Farmfest '93

Farmfest! It was the best end of summer music festival gathering this island may have ever seen! 10 bands, 100 guests, camping in a big field and yummy samosas being served at Frybaby! I popped the top for Shawna and woke up with a giant mouse in my bunk. This is what summer on the island is supposed to be like! I'm already planning a menu for Farmfest '94! See you there!

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