Thursday, November 8, 2007


We got in late and rather than look for a beach spot in the dark Blendy and I paid to stay at the State park in Pismo Beach because the one in San Simeon stunk worse than Cowshwitz on a late July afternoon. We had a nice spot shaded by eucalyptus and showers for $20. We were out of propane at the time but luckily there was even a Starbucks nearby so we could get the baby his baba on the way out of town.

We went to the beach at Surf and went to the Rice Bowl restaurant in Lompoc but finding no grease we got a menu and made plans to go there for dinner on the way back up north. I'm thinking after dinner we do some bowling. Who's coming? Late November. Call me.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

There are many great places to eat in Lompoc, but Rice Bowl is the oldest place in town. There is also a nice coffee shop, SOUTHSIDE and they brew something as good as Starbucks and for a little less, it is old shop and often times there is free music there. When we go to Lompoc we also stop in for church at Foursquare, the music is pretty hot and the pastor is a drummer. Koool. Another great spoke is Jalama beach off Hwy One. go their and see some great beach and get a Jalama Burger...YUMMY.
David and Karen

May 22, 2008 4:36 PM  

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