Saturday, July 28, 2007


I was cruising into Wyoming with 25 gallons of grease that I was waiting to filter, thinking that I had better buy some diesel. I passed a BP station that didn't seem to sell any so I kept going to the next exit. As I was coming down the hill to Spearfish, SD I ran out of fuel. I couldn't switch tanks because they were both empty. So I hitched to town and back, after picking up a gallon of diesel. The first family that picked me up were mom and dad driving a toyota sedan, dressed head to toe in Harley Davidson gear, two kids in the back seat playing super annoying video games. They dropped me at Wal-Mart and I hitched a ride with a couple who were on their way to Deadwood to go fishing. In all, everything worked out fine and the next morning at a campsite near Sheridan I filtered my grease. This was the first campground I have paid for in 5 months on the road. Nine bucks and not even a shower!Brenndan called and informed me that his flight actually gets in Tuesday night and not Wednesday, like I expected. Now I've got to haul ass to get to Vancouver in time and there's still about 25 thrift stores between here and there.

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