Sunday, July 22, 2007

Wicker Park

I've been parked in the same spot on Wicker park for three days and it's been lovely and relaxing. This morning I woke up to find the Sunday farmer's market in full swing and bought some fresh bread and apples for breakfast. I've been biking all over the city, I went to chinatown for the dragon boat races, I went to get some fuel filters, and went to a couple of different public swimming pools, which were both free to use. Today I have been trolling the back alleys in search of grease but I haven't found any large quantities of what I need. The Pontiac diner was happy to give me their's but when I checked out the traps I saw the empty containers of hydrogenated shortening. It looks fine but is totally unusable. Although there are lots of high volunme restaurants in the area, most of the traps are pretty empty and not always very clean.

When I was checking the alley near the park today homeless man with a broken wheelchair asked me to help him put his wheelchair back together. At fist I tried to convince him that there is no way that that rickety old thing was going to get him and his extra large frame around but he insisted it would so I put it back together for him. It supported his weight and he thanked me as I biked away down the alley.


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