Monday, July 30, 2007


Longest day of driving so far. Sheridan, Wyoming to Missoula, Montana, 475 miles. That's a long drive when you're only doing 60 and it's 93 degrees out. I did get to stop and swim in the Yellowstone river though and coming into Missoula I saw a forest fire. Not just the smoke of a forest fire, I mean flaming hillsides and burning debris rolling down to the freeway. I got to Missoula at eight o'clock and was unable to find anywhere to get a shower. I'm sure if I had made friends with some of the locals they would have let me come over to their frat house and clean up but instead I went to the giant natural foods super market and cleaned up some in the washroom and then refilled some of my bulk containers and got a salad from the salad bar. I sat outside during a stunning sunset (still at least 90 degrees out) and ate dinner while reading about the upcoming annual Testicle Festival here in Missoula. Yup, the Testy Festy. I parked on a quiet street and popped the top, first time I've ever done that in town. NO one seemed to mind, in fact, given the number of other Westphalias around, I bet people do it all the time. Today I'm heading on to Spokane, Washington and hope to cross the border into BC tonight. Oh, and I'm still looking for a shower.

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