Saturday, June 9, 2007

More New York

I met up with Blendy Maguro at the corner of 45th and 8th avenue and we checked into the Milford Plaza hotel. That night we went to a party for Paper magazine and drank tiny bottles of free champagne. I took a look at the magazine and I won't bore you with my negative opinions but basically the party was exactly what I would have expected from such a superficial magazine. Rufus Wainwright played three songs and Feist showed up and made room for us at her table.

On the way out I grabbed one of the free bottles of Marc Jacobs perfume for my friend Ellen, who we went to meet in Little Italy where she and Ralph were watching the final episode of the Sopranos. When the restaurant was closing up I saw that they had placed four containers of pretty clean looking grease on the sidewalk. We asked permission to take it and then the four of us took a cab with the grease up to the hotel. Strange looks from the staff and guests abounded as we made our way though the lobby with 20 gallons of used cooking oil. After depositing it in our room we took a taxi to Chelsea to have a drink.

We went to a place on 23rd with seats by the open windows and had to cope with a 25 year old, very drunk man doing everything in his power to get some attention from us. Asking for sips of our beer, taking them anyway after we said no, calling us racist, smoking cigarettes in our faces. The bartender didn't even attempt to do anything until I went and asked him to. It turned out that attention from the bartender and even the police was not enough for him as he kept coming back for more. Eventually we had to just give in and hang out with him. Pic coming soon, for now here's one of Blendy as we waited for our taxi after checking out.

PS. IF you look closely at the picture you will see that Mr. Maguro is holding not just one paper cup from Starbuck's but TWO, which I imagine his coffee was served in so that he would not burn his delicate fingers. While I appreciate their thoughtfulness in this matter I do NOT appreciate the fact that one cannot recycle said paper cups at any Starbuck's location. It is for this reason and several others that I have asked Mr. Maguro to refrain from purchasing any more coffee from them. I know this is a big sacrifice for someone who A) Is kind of addicted to coffee and B) Travels all the time, making it hard to know where to get the coffee that you want. Mr. Maguro responded to my request graciously and agreed to no longer buy coffee at Starbuck's, plus he has been using the reusable thermos I got at the thrift store for fifty cents. When you care about someone you want to help them make healthier choices, even if it's hard at first.

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