Saturday, May 26, 2007

Ontario, Again

I left for Toronto Wednesday morning and I had gone about 75 miles when I stopped at the Value Village in Cornwall, Ontario and when I started my van up again I discovered that the clutch was slipping really badly. I called Marc Amsden in Montréal and he said to have it towed to his place and he could look at it in a week. I already had an appointment for the next morning at Alpine motors in Toronto so I decided to have it towed there. I called for AAA roadside assistance and they sent Glen from Glen's towing and Glen brought his wife along so that I would feel more comfortable.

Glen informed me that I was eligible for 200 km free towing with my AAA plus membership so I had him tow me exactly that distance and then I called a second tow truck who only allowed me 160 km in keeping with the fact that I have a US membership which only allows 100 miles per tow. So, in the end, I was towed 440 km (275 miles) and paid $183. The driver left me in front of Alpine motors and I put the key through the slot in the door.

I took a taxi to my good friend Jill's house and made some linguini with tuna and olives and played with the dogs, Owen and Ahab.

On Friday Brenndan arrived in town and Alpine Motors called me to say that my van was ready. The new clutch with labor and parts cost $1300. Ouch.

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