Tuesday, April 17, 2007

New Orleans Day four

I can't remember why but when I woke up, the first thing I did was look for my wallet. It wasn't in my purse and it wasn't in my computer bag. Right away I knew it had been stolen at the bar the night before. I remembered having it when we got there and then leaving my bag on the table when Charles and I went outside to smoke. Not only did I know that it was stolen but I had a pretty good idea who had taken it. What a terrible feeling.

I called Charles and he met me at Frank's and I made calls to my bank and Paypal and the DMV. I asked the Oregon DMV to fax me a something to confirm that I am a licensed driver and they said "We only do that in an emergency". Well what do YOU call driving across the country with no driver's license? I called my bank and of course my card had already been used at several gas stations so my account was overdrawn. I asked Washington Mutual to send me a new bank card and they said that they do not send new cards to customers whose accounts are overdrawn. Well, fuck you too. Paypal will not send a debit card to any address other than the address associated with your account so it will take weeks for me to get that one. I called my mom and she wired me some cash. Thank goodness I have a mom who is willing and able to do that because otherwise I would have been screwed. The only comfort was that I had plenty of vegetable oil to get me to Mississippi.

I spent the morning dealing with that and later tried to deal with my bike. I took it to Plan B, a Co-op which provides help with bike repair and sells used parts. Basically you can build a bike for about $25-50. Unfortunately my bike was beyond repair so I donated it to them and hit the road.

I needed to pick up food and I was told that the only place in New Orleans to buy bulk food is Whole Foods market, one of my least favorite places to spend money. This is what I got there for $50:

Admittedly, I did splurge on the sodas and juice. The apples cost $2.99 per pound!

I drove towards Jackson, Mississippi and pulled over in Hazlehurst when I got tired. I decided to call Jeanette and see if she lives nearby, if it was within twenty miles I was willing to drive to see her. I called and she said "Where are you?" I told her I was in Hazlehurst and she said "I live in Hazlehurst, what street are you on?" and by the time I walked to the corner to see the name of the street she was at the intersection in her red Volvo, waving at me!


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