Saturday, March 24, 2007


I stopped in Globe to check out the thrift stores and it tuned out there was a classic car show going on. I talked to a few of the participants and they were really interested in the vegetable oil system and suggested I ask the event organizers for a parking place to do a demonstration. It was the perfect time to start filtering the grease I picked up in Window rock so I set up shop next to these guys. The kid with the hat built the lowrider bike with a hydraulic pump that makes it hop! Super cool!

A few people stopped by to check out the system, most who stopped seemed to have some previous awareness and interest in WVO. Some told me that they know people in warm parts of the state who are using SVO in their diesel tanks.

I had a great afternoon hanging out with the cowboys and talked to lots of people before hitting the road to Tucson. I met these folks on the road. This woman had a pistol strapped to her leg. I’m not even kidding.

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