Thursday, May 3, 2007

The Bronx

Wow! I was so lucky to meet Greg, who invited me to talk to a very special group of teenagers that he has been working with on art, environmental and self-publishing projects for four years. I met with this group at Lehman college in the Bronx where they meet twice a week. They were very interested in the conversion system and asked lots of questions about alternative fuels, recycling and environmental activism. Afterwards we went inside and talked about self-publishing and they interviewed me and and we brainstormed some ideas for the publishing project they are working on. More news about that soon.

Afterwards Brenndan and I went to the Bronx botanical garden and ate Jamaican soul food at Flava's on Third avenue. Mmm..we had fried plantains, mac and cheese, cabbage and rice and beans. It was delicious!

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