Sunday, March 11, 2007


I got up at 6 am to take pictures of the sunrise. I parked next to the river surrounded by citrus and palm and willow trees. Magical. The van ran great using the vegetable oil and I didn’t notice anything unusual. I spent a couple of hours with Andy and Anita and a variety plate of delicious cookies. They were a little shy and not really sure why I wanted to talk to them but I think it went well. I drove back to Berkeley for Nico’s first birthday party and to meet Will and Sid to move my furniture over to Mike Taffet’s House in West Oakland. I waved to Mike’s Neighbors as I left the dresser in his yard and they waved back.

I took a quick tour of my old neighborhood and met these girls when they asked if “that thing really runs on vegetable oil”.

I went to the city and met up with a few friends at the Latin. Mike Taffet had just returned from a 105 mile bike ride from San Luis Obispo to Solvang. Gibbs Chapman came out for a quick beer. Jovi Schnell and Christine Shields joined us for a drink and a chat. I played two games of pool with Ray and he won both. He was getting me back for Sunday night at the Make out Room. As you may know, the Latin is my least favorite table for many reasons, too close to the wall, no light, some jackass spilling his drink on you. We played a third, which I won. When I gave Ray, of all people, a hard time for not trying hard enough he said “I love you, I need you to get what you want though” Wow. How does he DO that?

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Nice photo of Mr. and Mrs. Anderson.

April 23, 2007 6:11 PM  

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