Monday, March 12, 2007


I fueled up with a few gallons of diesel in Lompoc and then headed down highway one towards Ventura. Coming down the hill a few miles from town the van stopped moving and then stalled. I was able to start again and get over to the shoulder but not able to get moving. It was stressful, stuck on the highway, I climbed down to the beach and called AAA, I knew there was a chance that I was out of fuel but as great as AAA is, they don’t carry diesel so I had to get a tow into town. Luckily, Steve put me in touch with Lynne in Ventura and she called around to see where I could take it. We found Molnar brothers, European motor specialists and Paul took a look at things for me. He wasn’t too familiar with the conversion system but he took a look at my diesel fuel line and found fuel in it, which would indicate that I didn’t run out of diesel. Basically we flushed the system with diesel until it started running again. It was a little mysterious but I was thankful that it wasn’t more serious.

Last time i was in Ventura a year ago I ran out of money and almost ran out of gas but I knew where the hot springs were in Ojai so I parked up there for a couple of nights while I waited for some money to go from my paypal account to my bank account. I read the copy of the Painted Bird that I found by the LA river and soaked in the hot spring. Turned out to be a good thing in the end.

After I left Molnar Bros. I went to Lynne’s place, aka the Art Barn, to use her shower and meet Steve for dinner. We stopped in for a beer first at the local brew pub and I inquired after their grease. The manager directed me to the dumpster in the back. Steve and I had dinner at a Japanese restaurant and the owner said “No.” to my request for his used oil. Seems that they may have had a problem in the past with people leaving a mess.

In the morning I went back for 15 gallons of grease from the Brew pub while wearing my favorite new green sweater from Savers in Salinas.

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