Wednesday, March 28, 2007

El Paso

We pulled into El Paso right around 9 pm thinking that we would stay on the outskirts of town but changed our plan when we realized that the outskirts of town are the Mexican border. Not wanting to attract attention from the omnipresent border patrol or worse, the minutemen, (no telling WHAT they'd do with a couple of semi-legal Canadians like us!) we opted to find a place to park in town. I had a hankering for a cold beer and a game of pool so we headed to El Paso's surprisingly empty downtown. I figured that just east of the greyhound station we would be able to find a cheap and friendly Mexican bar and there we found The Tap. I really wish I remembered to take a picture of their sign so if anyone goes there, please take one for me.

We played a few games of pool (4-1 for me) and after our last one the waitress brought us two cans of Tecate complements of Luis, who was sitting at the bar and thought we were a couple of students. Luis and the bartender conferred when we asked if they could suggest a safe place to park. Luis suggested the parking lot of the Episcopal church. We looked for it but in the end we just parked on a random corner not far from the bar and had a peaceful night.

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