Sunday, February 4, 2007

Going to Vancouver

First thing the morning I was leaving to set up my show in Vancouver, BC my favorite mug cracked and broke when I poured hot tea into it. Earl Grey and honey all over the floor and counter. Palm springs rainbow mug gone forever.

Set the day back on track with a phone call to Bob Whittaker, who was at his cabin 300 miles NE of Seattle. Sometimes I think he just SAYS it’s 300 miles so that I don’t try and go up there. Anyway, good to know that after all these years Bob still loves me. (He said so, that’s how I know, plus he sends me pics of himself all the time.)

I left 2 hours late for Vancouver and had a phone chat with Bill Daniel during rush hour going through Seattle. I have never met Bill but I sure loved his film, Who is Bozo Texino? It was Kal Spelletich from SF who put us in touch since we are 2 van living hobo artists out to change and inspire the world. It’s great to talk to someone who fully understands the need to travel, and the ups and downs that go with choosing that lifestyle. Interesting too, because most of the people I know who travel a lot are musicians and Bill is traveling around showing his film! I can't wait to hear all the travel tips and advice that he has!

Arrived to Amy Honey and Mandrew's Honey Hut exactly 6 hours after leaving Portland. Greeted by Honey and her sister Eva Makebelieva then joined by Mandrew, Goose and Dee, who was leaving the next day to tour the east coast, western Europe and Africa with Po' Girl. Lots of hugging and shrieking all around. Amy and Andrew have hosted me and a constantly revolving crew of hobos and musicians over the years. It’s absolute luxury now that they moved out of the 3 room apartment above their record store REDCAT, and into a real house!

Then on to a Wednesday night house party near 12th and Windsor. With Amy Honey wearing lipstick and everything. Super nice party, lots of warm, friendly folks and good music. So glad to be back in the 'couve!

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