Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Toshi Sushi

So..all weekend long I was dreaming about eating at Toshi Sushi on 16th and Main, since I was working just around the corner, and on Tuesday night my friend Rob and I finally went there. It was great, we got there at 9 pm so there was no wait. We ordered kani (crab) sunomono, baked eggplant and agedashi tofu to start with. The sunomono was the best I have ever had. The vinegar was smooth and good quality, very lightly sweetened with a hint of dashi (fish stock) taste. The noodles were clear, glassy and slightly toothsome. The presentation was nice with real Japanese cucumber and lemon slice with 2 pieces of crab. The agedashi tofu was very good. Light and crispy with lots of green onion in the broth. The eggplant was okay, it was cooked to a mushy consistency and the sauce was a bit too sweet. Our next course was salmon sashimi. The slices were a gorgeous, deep red color, indicating real, wild salmon, cut small and thick rather than thin, which I prefer. Served on daikon and shiso leaf. We also had the tuna tataki, which we agreed was our favorite of the night. It was ever so lightly seared, sliced quite thin and served in a yuzu-soy sauce that had a perfect balance of acid, salt and sweetness. That tuna seriously melted in my mouth!
Next we had grilled squid in a ginger-soy sauce. I love squid but I never cook it, it seems like it should have been a little more tender and not so chewy. The sauce was very good but a little too sweet. Anyway, we ate every bite. We had two maki sushi rolls, unagi with cucumber and unagi with avocado and tobiko and only two nigiri, hamachi (yellowtail) and suzuki (bass). I ate the hamachi and it was perfect. All in all, it was the best meal I had all weekend. Toshi sushi is perfect for a casual dinner date but hey! Not too casual! The two men who were seated beside us spent their entire meal talking about therapy and bowel movements! I’m not kidding! I tried to record some of it with my phone because otherwise I didn’t think anyone would believe me! Our meal with one beer for Rob was $60 Can, including t&t.
Oh, and we both agreed that our green tea was really, really good! That meal was exactly what I needed after a week of hard work and no time to relax. Plus I got to eat it with Rob, the rock & roll posty, who all the girls at my opening were fawning over, even the gay ones.


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