Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Li Che Mon Bee See

It’s been a little hard being separated from my van, especially because I left my pyjamas, my toothbrush and my phone charger in there when I dropped it off with Wee Wong on Thursday.

It’s funny that I spent almost this entire trip right on or near Main Street, which is where I lived in 1989/90 before moving to Montréal. First at 20th and Main and then the one bedroom at 7th and Main that I shared with
Ken Jensen. The neighborhood has changed so much and for the better! Vancouver is a city where I actually like to see lots of businesses open and flourish, even if they just sell soap or whatever. Vancouver used to be much more economically depressed and I’m glad that that is changing. It's not quite a yuppie hellhole, yet. I'm pretty sure there's still no Lululemon store in East Van.

Eva took me to get my car Monday morning and we stopped for breakfast at the Lion’s Den on Kingsway when we saw the “Breakfast all day” sign in the window. They were flying a green, gold, and red flag and the place was decorated with, guess what, Lions. Our waitress, Junko spoke with a really thick Japanese accent so I didn’t understand most of what she said. They serve a combination of regular eggy breakfasts, Carribean food, Cambodian food and Japanese food, including okonomiyaki! I ordered eggs over-medium and got eggs, over-hard, the hash browns were burnt, and the toast had margarine, not butter. Oh was only $3.50 plus a dollar for tea. Junko told us the entire story of the taxidermied lion (which we didn't understand a word of) right above our heads and had us sign the calendar which indicated that they had been open for 2704 days. I’m sorry that my recording of Junko doesn’t include the very awkward exchange of me asking for my eggs over-medium.

I picked up my car from Wee Wong and then left for the ferry. I had some time to kill so I went to Value Village in Richmond . I always stop at the Value Village In Richmond because they have the best selection of Chinese tchochkes. This time I was looking for a new car mug to replace Palm Springs. I didn’t find one but I got a new blue tea thermos to add to my collection.Richmond is a suburb of Vancouver, which is home to the largest population of ethnic Chinese outside of China! I don’t know if that’s a fact but it sounds right. I go there every time I come to the lower mainland. I usually stop at the Daiso store in Aberdeen Center and get a mango, pomelo and coconut drink from the food fair. So good! If you go to Aberdeen Center in the morning there are lots of people doing tai chi and often you can see a dazzling light and fountain display! If there’s time it’s nice to go to Yaohan Center too and get some food at any one of the zillions of Asian restaurants in Richmond. When I was taking Chinese language classes my teacher told us that the word for Richmond in Chinese is Li Che Mon, say it really fast.


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